Always know how much class time is left

 1) Simple one time bell schedule set up
 2) Always is displayed on your monitor
 3) Alerts you minutes before the class comes to an end
 4) Pop-up note reminder for each period
 5) Created by a middle-school teacher

Count Down Timer

Available for: Windows Vista, XP, & Windows 7
 The Ultimate Teacher Tool!

Always know how much class time is left

Class CountDown timer (Now known as TeacherTimeKeeper) sits in the corner of your computer screen, always displaying how much time is left in the period.
Set up the school's bell schedule one time, and ClassCountdown automatically displays the time left throughout the day, every day.

Closing Alerts

Set closing alerts for 1, 2, 3 or more minutes before the end of each class.. ClassCountDown will alert you by turning orange and sounding a chime, giving you the proper time to close the lesson.

Never forget something from the day before

Type in a note for 3rd period today, and the note will automatically pop up on your screen 3rd period tomorrow.

Simple and intuitive User Interface

Class CountDown's main display runs automatically, and is clean and easy to read, with only 2 buttons. The options screen easily allows you to to adjust any settings easily and quickly.  The main goal was to make the program as easy to use as possible.

Installs easily on any computer

ClassCountDown easily installs on any personal or district computer, even network driven workstations... even on a flash drive.  And, since all data is stored online, changes to your personal settings will show up on any and every computer you run ClassCountDown.

Simple syncing to your school's bell system

Click the "Sync" button one time at the sounding of the bell and ClassCountDown is permanently synced to your school's bell system.

What users say

Hands-down, the BEST Teacher Tool ever.
Love it! - It saved us during state testing.